Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Few Survey Responses - What Area of YOUR Home Needs Organizing/Decluttering Help

A while ago I posted a question about organizing and delucttering and what specific areas of YOUR homes you had the most AGGRAVATION with! Here are a few of the replies:

  • The Kitchen - Kathleen wrote: "Hi, my number one problem area is the kitchen. Keeping track of food is the pits-expiration dates, freshness, food not gotten into the refrigerator, old stuff rotting in the back of the refrigerator, etc. My daughter sits in front of the refrigerator on weekends and tosses stuff. I have started to try this, but need a backbone to remember to do this. HELP!"
  • The Bedroom - Naomi wrote: "My biggest place for clutter seems to be the bedroom. If I want to remove things and can't decide whether to throw out, give away or keep, then everything seems to end up in the bedroom. I suppose the biggest problem is my indecision about what to do with things not being used at the moment.
    Anyway I much appreciate your column. "

Others mentioned the bathroom, home office and kids rooms. SOOO....I'll be trying to help you with occasional organizing tips for these areas that you're the most frustrated with! And that includes MY ongoing battles with tiny closets -- meaning, I need to continue to tackle my own closet clutter. :) Keep reading the blog regularly for more updates on organizing, and thanks for your responses, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one said "basement" as a huge problem. Mine is just a mess -- even though I throw stuff out it's obviously not enough.

Organize said...

it's OK