Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Groovy Shaker for Your Baking Soda Cleaner

Say goodbye to toxic old powdered cleansers, and hello to your baking soda in cute shakers! I got this brainstorm last night when I was decluttering a cupboard containing spices and baking supplies. I used the salt shaker, but didn't really need the pepper shaker since I'm a big fan of freshly ground pepper from my trusty pepper mill.

So...I rescued the pepper shaker, let it soak in the sink in some soapy water for a bit, gave it a good scrub and it's now my all purpose baking soda shaker! It just feels better to shake baking soda out this way, instead of from a boring box.

If you have an old pepper shaker that is similarily ignored, bring it back to life as a new addition to your cleaning kit! are some of my favorite shakers for baking soda...(I prefer slightly oversized shakers, so you won't have to be refilling it all the time.)

Okay, your baking soda is beautifully presented - now use it, slobbo darlings! Here are my favorite baking soda tips for cleaning (from the website & this blog):

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GA Peach said...

Thank you for all your great tips on taking the real work out of having a clean home to be proud of at all times. I had my list of things to do in AM and PM years ago when my kids were at home and when I was working outside my home. IMHO, we could all benefit by getting back to the basics of a lot of everyday things in general!

I sent your site to Stumble Upon! I have a few sites myself. One is a fun site for giving you a joke, video, and smile per day. The other is more of a family blog! Click to view, or paste url to browser window, if you like! The jokes and videos are mostly family style.

Thanks, and keep writing these great blogs!

GA Peach

realworldmartha said...

That's what I use. I also use a picnic style mustard bottle for the vinegar. Works great and cheap :)

Anonymous said...

If you are a fan of the parmesan cheese that comes in the shaker type can:

Theses are the BEST! They hold a lot and you can sprinkle or pour, depending on the mess, and wet hands are not going to ruin them. And they are FREE (if you buy that type of cheese :)