Monday, March 05, 2012

An Easy Way to Clean Eyeglasses

Okay, so how many of us wear glasses? Raise your hands up! (Raising my hand too...) Right, so I wear glasses and so I know the all too common problem of feeling like you're looking at the world through a very smudged pair of lenses. How do we all manage to get so much gunk smeared on our eyeglasses? That question remains an eternal mystery but I know one easy solution to get your classes beautifully clean again.

My favorite trick is to simply use a tiny drop of liquid dishwashing soap on the eyeglass lens, along with lots of cool water to make a soapy mixture. Use your clean fingers (that's what I always do!) or a clean, lint-free cloth to thoroughly wet and wipe down both of the lenses of your glasses. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and then dry with another clean lint-free cloth. Truly washing your glasses is much more effective than just trying to dry wipe them clean - which, if you're not careful, can actually scratch the glasses.

That's it! The view of your world should look sharper and cleaner. Guess what I'm off to do? You got it in one - clean my glasses!

Do you have a simple cleaning solution to share? Have you discovered a new way to clean something that needs cleaning everyday? Or do you need to tell us how YOU keep your glasses clean? Post a comment and we'll gladly read your words of wisdom.


Sam Times said...

Cleaning your glasses can be a little pain in the neck. But once the smudge has been removed, it'll really be nice. For starters, I think we will need are: Warm Running Water, Mild Dish Soap, Soft Cotton Towel, then remove the dirt gently.

Jan Hayner said...

This is another job for vinegar. Simply add a T. of vinegar to a cup of water, put into a spray bottle and use when needed. Wipe with a lint free cloth and you will get a spot free, clear looking world

HappySlob said...

Hi Jan - love the idea of using vinegar! (Why hadn't I ever thought of that?) If it works so well on drinking glasses of COURSE it would work on eyeglasses. Thanks for posting.

vonne said...

One more raising her hand!!!
I've been cleaning my eyeglasses through a piece of silk cloth because what I was thinking when eyeglasses is being wet, it will cause a lot more blurry, but when I tried washing it with a diswashing soap it's a lot clearer to look at with. Next cleaning I will try the vinegar one. Thank you all!!

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Carpet Cleaners said...

I use on my glasses pretty much what I use to clean my gadgets. I use a microfiber cleaning cloth and an appliance cleaner (liquid I used to clean the monitor of my laptop and the screen of my android). It works for me.