Friday, February 02, 2007

Totally Decluttering Problem Areas - Uncluttering Tips

I know, I know...decluttering can somedays feel like a bad word. Why? Because we are so NOT in the mood to cope with the disaster areas in our homes, such as messy closets. Today, we're going to tackle one of those areas, and as is always the case, we'll do it quickly and without a lot of muss and fuss.

  1. Choose the 1 problem area that is ANNOYING and AGGRAVATING you the most
  2. Set the timer - hopefully for 10 minutes or more.
  3. Go CRAZY on the clutter. Be a bit relentless - set aside things that you 1) Need 2)Don't Need or 3)Will Give Away
  4. For the allotted time, work like a madwoman on the clutter. Once the timer rings, you can stop, but you might find that you want to quickly finish the job.
  5. Throw away or recycle the things in the Don't Need pile
  6. Get rid of the 'Give Away' things as soon as humanly possible
  7. The things you 'need' (make sure you really do need them and will use them) will get put back in a tidier way.

After this decluttering session, you might notice why your place gets so cluttered in the first place - a lack of space, or maybe a lack of organization. So, once you've decluttered an area, you might need to go out and purchase something to help you keep that space less cluttered from here on out. Examples: Storage units, shelving, or storage boxes.

:) How did you guys do? If you successfully did this decluttering session, then DON'T be shy! Post a comment below and let all happy slobs everywhere know how you did...Bravo, everyone!


HappySlob said...

P.S. I did my own decluttering yesterday - my nasty old closet got completely DE-junked! :) It looks so much better.

Please post a comment on what all the rest of you did...


thestampindoc said...

My dining room had become a "pit." Tax stuff everywhere, laundry, craft projects... you name it, it was probably in there. I had a friend come ove and we spent 90 minutes going through stuff. Tossed a giant (55 gal) garbage bag full of stuff into the dumpster, took 3 bags of stuff to the yard sale pile, and put the rest of the stuff away where it belongs. The place looks so much better now.

~ LInda

Stampindoc said...

The decluttering project had a nice side effect: I felt compelled to declutter some more during the weekend. I went through a container of stuff that was sitting in my daughter's bedroom... it was a hodgepodge of things I had put in there when I re-did my bedroom in the fall. There was some laundry, a necklace I had been looking for, some trash, and some other things that went out into the yard sale area. Yay!!! One more little project completed and out of the way.

stampindoc said...

More decluttering success: I spent 30 minutes on my office at work. Tossed stuff like crazy and now i can see the floor, the walls, and quite a bit of the surface of my desk!!!! Purged an entire large garbage can full of old medical magazines and similar stuff. YAY!!!! Things are much niceer now. And starting next week, I'll have to pay the "swear jar" $5.00 every day that the office gets messy. That will help keep me on track.