Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cleaning Linoleum Floors - Just a Little Soap and Water

We've talked recently about making those gorgeous hardwood floors shine, but what about linoleum floors?

This is an easy cleaning task, and one which will be over quickly and leave you with a gorgeous clean kitchen floor you could eat off of...if you'd ever really want to eat off your floors. Which is a question only you can answer.

What you'll need to clean lino floors:

- Mop and bucket (or...a sponge mop and squirt bottle - see the Happy Slob-style cleaning variation below)
- Mild liquid dishwashing soap (I like natural varieties best, that use a vegetable castille soap as their base)

In a regular size bucket, pour in about 5 drops ONLY of good mild dishwashing soap. (The ironic thing about cleaning your floors - whether it's lino or carpet - is that too much soap will leave behind a dingy residue that actually attracts more dirt to your floors! That residue holds onto dirt like greedy little dirt sponges, and I know that's not what you want for your floors when you're trying to clean them!) Fill the bucket with tap water and swish your hand around a bit to incorporate the soap. Dunk in your mop, squeeze out well and clean those floors in no time!

Happy Slob-Style Cleaning Tip:
Forego the bucket altogether! Use a sponge-style mop, and just put one or two small drops of dishwashing liquid in a clean spray bottle and spray the floors and mop up after. You'll just need to rinse out the mop when you're done. Mopping the linoleum floors just got easier than ever! And we happy slobs just love it when that happens.

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