Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Freshen the Carpets WHILE You Vacuum

Want a nice fresh scent added to your carpet while vacuuming? Here are a few tips on how to achieve it...

  • Add a fabric softener sheet the bag or cannister of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Add a few drops of natural essential oil or even a spray of perfume to the vacuum cleaner bag or cannister! Yes, people might look at you funny if they see you spraying your vacuum with perfume, but just ignore them. They're probably judgmental types anyway.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda liberally on the carpets before you vacuum, and then let the baking soda sit and do its natural odor removing work for about fifteen minutes or so. When you vacuum as usual you'll suck away dirt and muck - and a lot of nasty pet or smoke odors!


Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

I also like to put dried lavender flowers in with the baking soda -- I keep a big shaker of it... then I sprinkle on the carpet and let sit as suggested, and then vacuum it up. This works very well, and eliminates the need to put scent in the bag, as the flowers do the job when you vacuum them up~

HappySlob said...

That's a lovely idea. I just adore lavender, don't you?

Adam @ Dyson Info said...

This sounds like a pretty cool tip, but does it still work with newer bag less vacuums. I know you mentioned putting it in your canister but with HEPA filters and allergy and asthma friendly vacuums not much escapes them anymore.

Also is there any chance that adding extra elements to my cleaner my void my warranty?

Adam @ Dyson Info

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