Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Maybe You Don't Need a New Vacuum - Tips to Care for your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners - How to Care for Your Vacuum Cleaner - Repairs and Tips

Is that old sucker not cleaning like it once did? Maybe you don't need a new vacuum cleaner - maybe your vacuum just needs a little care, concern and attention! Here are a few handy tips to rejuvenate that old vacuum and get it working like new again...

  1. Clean off the beater bars - Threads, hairs, pet fur and all sorts of interesting things can wind themselves around the beater bars at the bottom of your vacuum cleaner, meaning it doesn't work like it should. Ensuring that the vacuum is unplugged, use a skewer, scissors or oversized tweezers to loosen these threads and hairs and remove them. The beater bars are pretty self explanatory - they agitate the carpet fibers and remove it so the vacuum can suck up the dirt, so it's important that these are functioning.

  2. To Bag or Not to Bag - If your vacuum is a bagged variety, then it needs to be replaced when full with a new, fresh and clean vacuum bag. If (like me) you prefer bagless vacuum cleaners, then just make sure you empty out the cannister before using the vacuum. A full cannister means your vacuum just can't suck in any more dirt!

  3. Filtering It Out - Many modern vacuums come complete with some pretty amazing filters to filter out allergens and dust - a great thing for families who have allergies. But, for optimal effectiveness, you need to clean and/or replace these filters. Check your vacuum's instructions guide to see how often this needs to be done.

You can do other DIY repairs on vacuums if you find that your vaccum really isn't working properly, but you know what - I don't suggest it. If after doing these three steps you still find that the vacuum doesn't suck like it should (haha) then take it to a professional to see if it needs real repair work done.

Otherwise, these simple tips should make your vacuum work far better - maybe as good as new again!

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Anonymous said...

I use a seam ripper for removing threads from my vacuum. It cuts through them and its small and easy to carry as I clean a couple of different peoples houses.