Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's To-Do List...and Housecleaning Check-in

It's Friday!

That means it's time to check in and let everyone know what YOUR plans are for cleaning today and on the weekend. Doing a bit of cleaning on Friday is a great way to prepare for a less stressful weekend.

Here is my cleaning to-do list today:

  1. Cleaning burst AM - done! But, the bed didn't get made yet, as I have one very sleepy kitty sprawled all over the bed and I didn't have the heart to move her. (Nice excuse, huh? lol)
  2. Today's Focus Room - A solid 15 minutes of cleaning in the main bedroom. I'm noticing a trend that hubby and I have of sprawling our clothes around - and no, NOT in the dresser drawers or closets. That needs to get tidied up before the weekend! (And, I'm still working on cleaning the bookshelves...they were very cluttered.)
  3. Cleaning Burst PM - Tonight, as regular - mainly focusing on keeping dishes under control and tidying/cleaning the bathroom up a bit. Plus, a quick sweep. I've been a bit slack with my evening cleaning bursts, and I notice the difference...(therefore the piles of clothing in our bedroom.) I am determined to get back on track again, and hope you're all ready for the challenge, too!

That's about it for me, and grocery shopping later this afternoon. Oh, and fridge clean-out before the trip to my favorite supermarket. I looooove grocery shopping, do you guys?

Please post a comment about what you're going to do today and this weekend! Thanks all, and have a fun and safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Okay - this is gonna sound weird, but I bought a pkg of those Mr Clean Magic Erasers and, if you can believe it, I'm actually looking forward to cleaning this weekend! Isn't it odd that a new product could make a human feel this way? I have a black stove and have some areas that need more than a "vinegar wipe" - hope this fits the bill! Will let you know :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could hire you to do my shopping.
I would rather clean toilets all day,than go grocery shopping.
It isn't really the shopping part,but the lugging it into the car,out of the car,into the house and putting it all away.
Ugh! I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

HappySlob said...

lol Wow, excited to clean? That's cool!

Sharon - well, some days I like grocery shopping more than other days. Yeah, all that lugging is a lot of work, but I like just wandering around the store looking at new things.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I follow your agenda - spend more time tidying up after myself than actually cleaning. There must be a better way.

TinaC said...

I love grocery shopping too! I used to think I'd like to start a business doing other people's shopping.... Of course, I don't think they'd expect me to put them all away. I honestly don't enjoy that part very much. Hubby's usually pretty good at helping bring them in and put them away (so I always secretly try to be a bit slower than him. LOL).

Mind you, I am better at organizing the space (especially the freezer). It's very satisfying to get it all to fit nicely AND be able to get at things. Hubby "thinks" he can organize things, but everything is just jammed in wherever.

Oh, and I can completely relate to the magic eraser. : )

Anonymous said...

well I must say I'm inspired by your ideas and they're helping me make use of even 5 minutes here and there for some extra cleaning of trouble spots in the house.
I managed to get to Friday night with the kitchen dishes all clean and put away (towel dried! that's a new thing with me). Then today (Saturday), single mum with 2 kids under 7 at home as I am, I managed to get through this very rainy day - today I had no help whatsoever, as my mum and sister+kids+husband were all away for the day.... - taking care of the little ones, doing dishes + putting away + keeping kitchen clean ca. 5 times today, inbetween baking pitta breads, cooking lunch, folding and putting laundry away, and the incessant job of taking care of wet rags from under the bathroom sink which leaks and the guy didn't show up to fix it since 2 days, (if he doesn't come tomorrow don't know what i'll do...), spinning them in the maching, then drying them on the radiator and then repeating the process some 12 times over so we don't get our socks wet in the bathroom...
inbetween, I had 30 minutes with only my youngest (3), as his brother went to a friend. I gave him a task nearby and scrubbed one corner in the kitchen where I have a small compost bin and the wall got stained. Then my son said, clean my high chair, and showed me (alas, it was true!) that underneath it was very stained with some sticky stuff. Scrubbed that too... then swept kitchen floor and got the bucket ready, then eldest son (5) came in, got them both on the sofa doing something and wiped the kitchen floor clean. Then went on with the rest of it... And oh, this week my focus room was my own room! I'm saying this week, because my time is so tight it's all I can manage. So each day I did a little on my own room, and slowly it got to a much better state than it was!... yesterday I even managed to turn the carpet around (it was creased one side the way it was), and today with same wet soapy cloth from the kitchen I finally cleaned one corner on the floor next to my bedside table that was awfully stained, something must have spilled there and I felt disgusted with it but only today managed to actually clean it. Seeing that I'm basically out on my feet earning money and doing everything all around for my little kids, I'm so thankful to you that your approach is helping me get cleaning done in small bursts! Always waiting for the big cleaning day (which never comes because I never get so much time by myself and the children can only take so much before they "quarrel to death" meant I was feeling extremely frustrated and unhappy about my cleaning.

HappySlob said...

Anon 2 - there is a better way! Like I said, with a big deadline recently looming over my head I had gotten a bit slack with my own cleaning routine (the 3-steps.) But, as soon as I get back doing that (as of TODAY) then I don't have the same issues with clutter, etc. Hope this helps...

HappySlob said...

That's awesome! Even five minutes can make such a huge difference.