Friday, February 06, 2009

Clean the Floor by Shuffling Your Feet...Honestly!

When I came across this on Amazon's mega shopping site, I first laughed spontaneously, then my jaw dropped. And then I found myself nodding at the image before me, with a goofy grin pasted on my face. At last, someone had come up with the perfect Happy Slob Housecleaning product...slippers that clean as you shuffle along! Why didn't we think of this, slobs??

Awesome, right??? And they look like some sort of memory of a Muppet, to boot. Which really only makes me love them more. And, in a completely practical way, these cleaning slippers make cleaning the floor a simple task for anyone who is limited in their mobility. Hurray again for these little wonders!

Comments, please...and have any of you guys tried these?


sugarglider said...

the japanese invented similar slippers to put on your cat's feet.

HappySlob said...

Are you SERIOUS?

Anonymous said...

My mother bought these for me as a ode to my lack of housekeeping skills, I put them on the kids and let them slide around the hardwood floors. They love them.

Keeper of Your Time said...

On a cleaning account this morning the client showed me a pair of pretty flowered slippers with the detachable bottom duster type piece that can be washed. She just bought them she said at the Korean market for about $6 last week. Really great idea.