Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Housecleaning Tell-All - Tell us what YOU Did Today (and I'll tell you what I did too!)

Now here's something occasional "Housecleaning Check-In" where you come and let all of us know what you did around the house today! And you know what - if you didn't do much, that's fine too. We all have days like that, right? And the comments of other posters might get you motivated to get up off the sofa and lift more than a remote control...maybe a duster or a broom?

Here's what I did so far today:

  1. Worked on my book! Ack! (I'm getting a little bit stressed about the upcoming deadline next week...) And whenever I talk about it or type about it, I always end it with 'Ack!' as I just proved. Ack! (Because I got thinking about it again.)
  2. Cleaning burst early this morning - dishwasher unloaded and reloaded with the few dishes in the sink. Made the bed. Simple and fast - probably took about three minutes, which is all it should take, I believe.
  3. 1 load of laundry...not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I DO love clean laundry on the other hand. So, one sort of goes hand in hand with the other.
  4. Made cookies. See, I can't eat wheat and am trying to eat very little refined sugar, so that leaves me baking. Often. But these were very good, so it was all worth it. I'm eating one now, in between typing fits.
  5. Focus Room Cleaning...To do later today. 10 mins or so in our bedroom decluttering the bookshelves. Man, they were awful! I started this a few days ago and am working away at it bit by bit.
  6. PM Cleaning Burst...Later, before bed. Hub will do sweeping floors, cat litter. I will make sure the dishes are under control, wipe down surfaces in kitchen and bath and tidy up VERY briefly.

Wow, to me that looks almost like a productive day! And it sounds like I cleaned a lot, but in reality it takes very little time - which is the point of it all.

Okay...YOUR turn! Post a comment and let the rest of us know what you did. I especially can't wait to hear about how you're using Cleaning Bursts and Focus Room Cleaning in your day-to-day routine. Spill the beans, please! (But then sweep them up. hardy har)


Julie Davison said...

My morning cleaning burst was a lot like yours -- unloading and loading the dishwasher. I also declutter the counter a little bit and wiped it all down -- the WHOLE thing (not just skirting by the stuff by the wall). And mid-morning I shoveled the driveway. The whole thing. This is usually hubby's job, but he's away on business, so I did it myself and it feels GOOD! I feel so accomplished, I may just take the rest of the day off! (wink!)

Anonymous said...

Today I got 8 kids off to school. Fed 2 lunch. While doing that I managed to keep my kitchen pretty clean, wash 2 loads of laundry. (and put them away) Made my bed. And I have yet to vacuum, wash dishes, and clean/sanitize all the toys in my house. And get ready for a parent interview this evening.

HappySlob said...

Yay Julie! That's awesome...we live in an apartment, so I never have to think about shovelling snow. (And I'm so glad...I'd probably fall over. haha)

Anon - wow!! That's incredible. 8 kids? I can't even imagine...

Vintage Rose Collections said...

Today I drank 3 cups of coffee, had toast and butter and watched Martha Stewart. While watching, I was cooking 2 kinds of spaghetti, cutting up onions and making the pasta sauce of diced tomatoes, onion, regular oil and olive oil and Italian spices. I do it all in the microwave to have a quick lunch.

I left all the dishes in the sink, lol and am hoping my daughter will do them.

I swept the front porch of snow and fed the birds 3 times. Later, I put turkey thighs in my roaster oven to cook for a couple of hours and we will have stove top stuffing, roasted potatoes and veggies with it, frozen veggies of course.

Oh yes, this morning I took down all the clothes that were dry off the clothesline in the basement, brought them up and put them away. Got the garbage and paper/box recycling up from the basement and ready for tomorrow morning. I feel I have done nothing because I didn't do the dishes :) I enjoy reading what you other ladies have done.

Diana said...

Well, I was working on the computer most of the day so I didn't get any cleaning done - BUT I did finally put my all natural Citrus cleaner up on my Squidoo lens.
I have had a few folks ask for it, but I just never got the chance to get it all typed up nice and pretty - LOL

24 hours is just never enough - especially since hubby is out of a job at the end of the week so I am working extra hard to take my business to the next level.

Happy cleaning everyone - and if you get a few minutes - I wouldn't mind a hand over here - LOL

Organically Yours,

rage said...

Well, after leaving a long comment I had to go and join. I thought I had already. oh well! I'll tell you if I got anything done in my bedroom tomorrow or whenever I get another email from here. I did get some stuff accomplished today! Maybe my post will show up later. Rage

Anonymous said...

1. Went shopping.
2. Did banking.
3. Did web group work.
4. Made two home phone calls.
4. Received frozen food delivery.
5. Worked on two art journal pages.
6. Did computer research for hubby.
Not a bad day.

Kansas A said...

I cleaned out a very yucky moldy freezer! Bleach was definitely in order here! It's now filled with a whole lot of beef and purring like a kitten :)
Oh yeah, and one load of laundry but I have to get it in the dryer ;)
PS How on earth do you get your Hub to do anything? The most I can get my Hubby to do is his own laundry!

Renee Reed said...

Thank goodness for snow days. I put my day to good use! I completely dissected by refrigerator and freezer, condensed bottles of ketchup etc., cleaned inside & out. From there I washed all pretties in the kitchen, silk greenery, etc. & put everything back, wiped down all cabinets & dusted walls. From there I got the hall closet cleaned out. Took me all day, but it's done! Whoohoo! It sure feels good to have that all done. I can go back to work tomorrow feeling much, much better.

Elsie said...

I never get any real housework done on the days I go out. *sigh* Today, I...

tutored two 3rd graders
taught (subbed) two ballet classes
ran two errands
took a nap (just got over the flu)
cooked dinner
took a tap class

and somewhere in there I managed to eat lunch and dinner. I will manage to get all the dinner dishes cleared and the kitchen tidied, but that's it!

I'll do real housework tomorrow. Really!

Anonymous said...

Children let me sleep until 7:30. We read scriptures and prayed. The kids got to watch some tv while I did some computer work... financial stuff and preping the kids' school. I did a load of dishes and cleaned two counters, put a roast in the crockpot and had the kids straighten up the living room. I did a load of laundry, homeschooled the kids and finished dinner. My hubby let me have the night off to go to the dollar movies. I came home and soaked in the bath as a reward for a long day working and yet feeling like I got very little accomplished (while I know that's not true, I had to convince myself of it in the bath).

Mary Lyn said...

We spent the night at mom's because we had no power from snow/ice storm, so, when we came home this morning at 9:30 (We have power!! YAY!!) :

1. unpacked suitcases/bags that we took to Mom's - for me, DH, DD, DS, two dogs, and two cats

2. started a load of laundry

3. folded and put away two loads of laundry

4. made lunch

5. got ready for work

6. went to work at 1pm

korkie said...

Nothing ...... Today .... changing linen, clearing kitchen, 10 minutes in bedroom.

Hopefully, I will get one of these things done.

Anonymous said...

Wednesdays are always grocery shopping day and many years ago I decided to get organized, so I would write down the 7 days and put a dinner suggestion under each one, even if we were going out, that's what I would put. Then, with recipes &/or suggestions, i could make a shopping list and not forget anything! That has saved so many extra trips to the store, and you know that you rarely ever just go in to buy that one item! I also keep a list on the 'frig' to write items that we run out of during the week, which saves me from racking my brain on shopping day. Hope this helps and thanx for all your suggestions,too.

Berired said...

I made my bed even before starting the coffee, loaded the dishwasher, washed things that couldn't go in the dishwasher, washed 2 loads of clothes, emptied the dishwasher, let out the dog and one of the cats mutiple times and now I am getting in shower.

JetpackAngel said...

Wow, this sounds like me... except minus the cookies (do Oreo Fudgees count?) and I don't have a washer so I just toss dirty stuff in my basket and take it to my dad's when I have a full load.

A bit of background: my place is so tiny that even if I had the hookups, I'd have nowhere to put laundry or dishwashing appliances. Don't believe me? It's a converted two-car garage. It's got short cheap carpeting everywhere, even the kitchen. My bedroom is smaller than some prison cells and has no windows (perfect for a night-shifter like me), and it's about twenty feet from my living room window to my kitchen window.

My cleaning burst, yesterday: I... I started to do dishes. Honest. But I live like a bachelor and I even eat with plastic forks and paper plates to eliminate the need for dishes. So, I was going to empty the strainer, but it had been so long since I used real dishes that all the ones in the cupboard were kinda... dusty. So I couldn't just put clean ones on dusty ones! I filled up the sink with hot soapy water, let them soak a while, and even scrubbed a few! And then my Hamburger Helper was done so of course I have to eat it while it's still warm.

And my sink drain plug leaks enough that by this morning, the water has started to disappear and leave behind soap scum. So I'm gonna have to fill up the sink and let them soak again... until something else comes along to distract me.

And wow... I think I have found my true people! My aunt is a friggin' Martha Stewart wannabe, and here I am struggling to do dishes! I have found my homeland! I shall read all entries promptly! That's one thing I can do, I'm a speed-reader. And researching housecleaning tips counts as cleaning, right? I mean, forewarned is forearmed and all that.


HappySlob said...

Nice to have you aboard, JetPackAngel. :) I think you'll fit right in!

Anonymous said...

I am allergic to wheat and sugar TOO How about posting the cookie recipe?
PS My husband does all the stuff that the bloggers wrote about. Aren't I the lucky one? Of course he's retired and I am 67 still working eves as an ICU nurse SSSSSOOO dishwasher, emptying washer and dryer, vacuuming, etc are his jobs.

Anonymous said...

Now that I finally have water in the whole house I can clean and do laundry. 1/2 of the house was froze up. Last weekend it got fixed. Yippeeee! Now I have a gross bathroom to clean. And I rearanged my bedroom while I couldn't do laundry or dishes, i need to finish that now. And need to vacuam. Did I mention that 3 big dogs let us live in the house with them? I just can't get into the cleaning burst. The dog hair is out of hand. I need someone to vacuam and get the hair out. Why can't I do that. I'm depressed and it would make me feel so much better if I did something. HELP!!! I need to get this mess cleaned up. I like reading your comments, please keep them comming. You all give me inspiration. Thank you very much!