Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How NOT to Clean Stainless Steel Sinks - How This Common Cleaner Causes Rusting

Say no to Steel Wool to Clean Stainless Sinks!
This is an interesting little cleaning tidbit that I just learned the other day. Are you a fan of steel wool for cleaning your stainless steel sinks? Well, after reading this, you might find a new cleaning pad to rely on.

The problem with cleaning your stainless steel sinks with steel wool is the fact that the steel wool can easily break down, allowing small bits of the steel to imbed into the sink. This inferior grade of steel can then rust! So, cleaning your stainless sink with steel wool could actually cause tiny bits of rust to form all over the surface of your sink...maybe causing you to think that your sink itself is rusty, when it actually isn't.

How SHOULD I Clean my Stainless Sink?
What to use instead? Switch from steel wool to natural scrubbers. Did you know, for instance, that you can use natural loofah to clean with? You can! It's a good, natural and non-toxic scrubber that is sink-friendly too. Or, you can find stainless-safe scrubby sponges at supermarkets now - just remember to clean with the grain of the stainless steel to prevent a lot of scratching and marking.

My all-time favorite way to get a stainless sink sparkling is by using either liquid or powder Barkeeper's Friend. People roll their eyes at this suggestion...until they try the stuff. It is now one of my favorite all-purpose cleaners and I use it all the time! If you can't find a retailer that carries Barkeeper's Friend cleanser, order it online from their website or Amazon. It is SO worth it! (And cheap...a few bucks a bottle.)

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Kathi said...

My husband introduced me to the Barkeeper's friend - he said if you think it cleans stainless sinks good, watch and see what it does to copper bottom pans!