Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You in a "Note-y" Mood? Notes and Housecleaning

Are You in a "Note-y" Mood? Sticky Notes and House Cleaning

I don’t think I’m alone in my belief that sticky notes are hugely important in any household. They come in all sorts of fantastic designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Sort of like us Happy Slobs when you think about it…But, more importantly, (and hopefully unlike us happy slobs) they stick to any surface! (Important note: If YOU are sticking to any surface, time to the nearest shower.)

They are great for:

  • Honey-do lists. I often leave one in the morning for my husband, who is incredibly well intentioned, but has a memory as feeble as my own. "Please take out the garbage," with a huge heart added for good measure works wonders around here.
  • Kiddy-do lists. I don’t have any kids, but I can imagine that sticky notes would be very helpful in motivating the little ones to help out. Oh, I know! Stick it on their box of Pop Tarts - they'll never miss it that way.
  • Me-Do Lists. Wow, my grammar is incredible, isn't it? "Me can do! Me can do!" Sure, we're big into cleaning delegation around here, but we still need to remind OURSELVES to get up off the sofa and do a cleaning burst for heaven's sake. It can't ALL fall on our poor unsuspecting families.
  • Motivation – "I am a mopping maven!" or "I can handle this toilet…it’s all only one flush away from clean!" And similar notices can help you keep the housecleaning in perspective.
  • Inspiration – "Oprah says I can!" is sometimes all it takes, written in bold strokes across a sticky note. This one fits nearly any situation in life, making it incredibly useful. Feel free to stick the sticky on your forehead if you need extra inspirational power.

See, now don’t you have a sudden urge to hotfoot it to the office supply store and replenish your supply of sticky notes? You just never know when the next opportunity to use one will strike…Oh, and look...just when you think you've seen every sticky note known to mankind, they go and make ones that looks like these:

OH, so pretty! These would surely inspire us all to 'stick' with our cleaning routines. hehehe Sorry about that one...

Happy cleaning all!

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Anonymous said...

Y'know - this is not a bad idea. I've been leaving notes for my boys for years, for things to be done on a day off school and during the summer. I'm going to start making my own "notes" and expect completion from myself like I did from them! Thanx!