Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Only a Wipe Will Do - Cleaning with Wipes

So, I was walking through the grocery store and I stopped in front of the METHOD cleaning products. One Happy Slob had mentioned the floor cleaning system a while ago, and I kept eyeing the cleaning wipes. So, I finally tried them! I tried Method's all-purpose cleaning wipes in Pink Grapefruit scent. While not easily distinguishable as grapefruit, these do smell fresh and clean. The wipes were so easy to use, and are fantastic for very quick cleaning jobs.

Happy Slob Rating for: Method Pink Grapefruit (also available in cucumber or lavender) All-purpose cleaning wipes
Cost: $3.99 Canadian for a package of 30 wipes (or about 13 cents a piece). This was on sale. I think it's regularly $4.99-$5.49.
Through Amazon you can get a total of 180 wipes for only $21.29 or less than 12 cents each. Not too bad considering how quick and handy these are.

SCORE: 4/5

What I loved:
  • So easy to use, so fast and efficient
  • Good at cleaning many surfaces, such as countertops. Taps and sinks were cleaned streak-free too, which I loved.
  • Container sealed well, leaving the wipes nice and moist and not dried out at all.
  • These are Non-Toxic and contain natural ingredients. The cloths themselves are 100% bamboo.

What would've made me love it even more:

  • A stronger, more citrusy grapefruit scent. It had a clean scent, but it didn't smell much like grapefruit to me.
  • If it had left mirrors and glass streak-free. (Definitely left streaks behind on mirrors and glass, but then most all-purpose wipes still do.) In a pinch, you could use one of these wipes and then follow up with a quick shine with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Perfect for:

  • Fast clean-up jobs
  • Kids' cleaning kits
  • OUR cleaning kits! (Hey, these would be ideal for CODE RED CLEANING.)
  • Keeping under the kitchen or bathroom sink for quick wipe-ups.
  • Keeping in a desk drawer in your office to clean off icky keyboards, desk surfaces, etc.

Have you guys used these? Do you like them, love them or loathe them? Next time I plan on trying the lavender scent. In fact, I'm amazed that I didn't grab that one first, but I think I'm trying to broaden my horizons. ;)

What other wipes have you tried? I won't always use cleaning wipes, but for certain cleaning tasks they ARE incredibly helpful. a comment or two please!


Elsie said...

Hmmm...I seldom reach for the Clorox wipes, which are right next to the paper towels and vinegar :-) in the bathroom. The wipes can't pick up dust and dirt, and they're terrible on mirrors and chrome. I use 'em only on the toilet seat now and won't be buying another canister when they're gone.

Does Method pick up dust? I suppose I'm open to other brands.

Anonymous said...

I've been making my own wipes for years. I use a plastic coffee "can", take a roll of heavy duty paper towels (usually the strongest Bounty brand), cut in half with a very sharp knife, remove the cardboard from the center, place in the plastic coffee container, pour a mixture of 1 cup all purpose cleaner & 1 cup of water on top. Wool-lah. You can also use a plastic ice cream bucket (anything with a lid). Experiment with your favorite cleaners & scents! Patricia in Colorado.

HappySlob said...

Elsie - I found it picked up dust pretty well. And I agree that most of those disinfecting wipes are good mainly for icky toilets.

Anon - good idea! I've tried this before and it's definitely a more frugal option.

Michelle in Montana said...

There is this company called Amway that sells "blank" wipes. They don't have anything on them. You can purchase their cleaner to go in them but I think I'll just mix up some vinegar and water. I'll tell you how they work.