Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack -- and so are the cleaning tips :)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! :) Hey, look excited slobbos! Last week, after enduring some nasty computer problems (which I already complained about, so I won't continue whining) I ended up with a much nicer, newer computer. Especially good was the fact that we got an amazing bargain on it, and had a sales guy who was incredibly nice and NOT a pressure seller and who even helped me get all my good stuff off of the old computer's hard drive. Phew!

Anyway, it's Monday and I'm back and revved up. :) Hopefully a number of you did the decluttering challenge - I did it until the computer conked, and then I was too flustered to think about anything else! So, did you do some major decluttering last week? I know Doc did - how about the rest of you?

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stampindoc said...

The living room decluttering is coming along... slowly but surely. I will do my hour tonight. I have to remind myself that shuffling things from one area to another ore from one box to another does NOT count as decluttering. I actually have to DO SOMETHING with an item to make it count. So, I'll incorporate 1 or 2 of the "20-Item Challenge Thingies" that you suggested in the past and that will force me to do something productive.

elsie said...

Well, good to have you back!

Haven't done the challenge at all yet. To paraphrase the old "Airplane" movie, I picked a bad week to attempt something new. I am still sleep-deprived from all of the past week's excitement. Went to bed earlier than usual last night, but I'm still tired now. I really need a nap, but there are dishes and clean laundry to put away...

I did make a half-hearted attempt at the challenge. I tried to pick up ONE item each time I passed through the dining room. I figured one was better than zero.

I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it's there somewhere. Thanks for nudging us along!

HappySlob said...

Nudge, nudge..hehe

One IS better than zero. That sort of sums up my Happy Slob mentality: ANY effort is better than none at all. :) Life happens to all of us, and when it does, we just do the best we can.

Hugs to you, I'm proud of you.