Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

Hi all,

:) I'm having a great time on vacation in Nova Scotia! Yesterday we went in to Halifax to do a little shopping (not much for me; I'm cheap, remember?) It's been a nice break to get away and NOT have any house cleaning to do for a while!

How are all of you doing? How are you doing with the 3-step solution? Are you keeping up with your daily routines? :) Remember - no biggie if you don't occasionally. While we're staying here with my husband's family, we have his old bedroom to stay in and it's small and we're making quite a mess of it! I guess I'd better do a cleaning burst, huh?

Anyway, just wanted to check in -- next week we'll be back home and I'll send out a lovely newsletter to motivate all of us (and me) again!

Hugs to you slobbos,

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Elsie said...

Thanks for checking up on us. Keep having a great time! We'll "see" you when you get back.