Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Look Up, Look Down & Look All Around

Weird title for a post, huh? :) It struck me today that we really stop SEEING things in our homes. That pile of old newspapers that's been there since the Reagan administration just seems part of the decor now...and let's not even BEGIN to talk about those bottles and cans that we PLAN on recycling soon...

Seriously -- a lot of junk and clutter in our homes becomes such an ordinary thing for us to see that we do stop SEEING it. Take a good hard look at your house today - and really SEE what clutter has built up. :) Not to feel bad about it, but just try to see your living room or kitchen or bathroom as a stranger would see it. This will really help you with your decluttering efforts in the future!

P.S. Please -- don't use this as an excuse to feel horribly about yourself and your housecleaning skills. :) WE're ALL happy slobs around here, just helping one another out! That energy you use on feeling awful could be turned around and used to slowly make a difference in your home.


stampindoc said...

WOW, I so totally don't see the piles anymore. I notice them at other people's homes, but I don't see them at my house. I can walk past something out of place a thousand times and never pick it up or put it away. Obviously this is another area where I need a lot of work.

The "Slob Sisters" of Sidetracked Home Executives fame have a saying: Don't pass it up, pick it up; then put it away. I think your 20 item pick up exercise is good because it forces me to look for and actually see things that are out of place. I love a challenge and a scavenger hunt, so searching for 20 items is actually fun for me. I am a bit competitive and working against time really gets me moving.

Anonymous said...

You are soooooooooooooo Right! Looking at our "things" from a different viewpoint is enlighting. Thanks for the advise.

Elsie said...

Actually, I have done this before. The top of the entertainment center and the mantelpiece are simply covered in clutter--primarily our overflowing CD and DVD collection. We really don't own that many discs; we just don't have a good storage place for 'em all.

In the kitchen, clutter exists on the counters, the top of the refrigerator, and the "wine" rack (which at the moment is holding sports bottles and art supplies).

Indeed, every room in this house suffers from clutter. But, I've already made the dining room the priority room, so everyone else has to wait.

HappySlob said...

Yay Elsie! :) I'm glad you're prioritizing on that living room for now. Girl, you can only do one room at a time.