Thursday, November 16, 2006

Motivate, Don't Irritate - Getting Your Family to Help Clean the House

Frustrated with family that just won't help around the home? Need a few tips to get them up off their bums and away from the television?

You got it! Here are a few ways to motivate your family to help clean the house, without annoying them and having them disown you forever.

  1. Don't nag. It doesn't work. If you start to hear a whiney, annoying tone in your own voice - walk away! You don't want to turn into a nagging drone...that's really not what you're all about.
  2. Reward them - Present family members with their chore(s) of the day. Offer rewards for good efforts. You could even have a little rewards jar with things like: "Ice Cream Sundae" or "Family picnic" or "You Get to Watch Your Favorite TV Show" on it. After an entire week of family cleaning, you can offer a larger reward like a movie out all together or something like that.
  3. Keep a limit on it - Use the timer for them too, so that they don't feel like the housework will never end. You can even say something like: "It's only for 10 minutes. Let's see how much we can get done in that time!"
  4. Be a good role model - Do your own 3 Step Solution to Housecleaning, and don't go on and on about how much you hate to clean. Just get on with it, and then tell them how great you feel to be keeping the house nicer for everyone to enjoy.
  5. Tell them you've read the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning" so that they know this is all good fun and not terribly, horribly serious. Let them read the ebook too, so they can see where you're coming from, and they can learn the techniques for themselves.
  6. Keep it fun - when your family sees you dancing around to funky music while cleaning, they'll be far more likely to want to get involved. Even if they think you're nuts, it won't be long before the fun is too contagious to ignore and they'll get up and movin'!
  7. Don't expect perfection - none of us is perfect, so why expect it of your family members who are honestly trying their very best?
  8. Sincerely Praise them - Thank family members sincerely after they've helped out with cleaning chores. When they see how happy it makes you to have them pitch in, they'll be more and more likely to continue helping out.

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