Thursday, November 16, 2006

You're Beautiful, It's True - Happy Slob's Beauty Picks

You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
You're beautiful, it's true...

Okay, enough with the truly horrid James Blunt impersonation, but we slobs ARE beautiful! A few well chosen beauty products won't hurt that natural beauty one bit - and I've gone and found some amazing online bargains for you to enjoy - gorgeous lip color for under (gasp!) 2 bucks...and some luscious smelling bath treats for under 1 buck! Even if you're broke, you can afford to splurge on these: Happy Slob's Beauty Bargains

And for the male Happy Slobs among us, don't roll your eyes, thank you very much. Instead, load up on these for your girlfriends, wives or moms. They'll adore you for the effort!

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