Sunday, November 19, 2006

Oops - One Reader's Embarrassing Mistake While Cleaning a Fridge

Here's an 'oopsie' email sent in to me by Sara.


So, I was cleaning my friends house at her request and I saw fingerprints
on her brushed aluminum fridge. I guess I wasn't thinking and used Bon
Ami (never scratches right?) well the brushed appearance went away! And
now there is a big shiny circle and some swirls where I **cleaned** it. I
am so embarrassed and I don't quite know what to do. I have looked online
and it seems like either 1000 grit sandpaper or really fine steel wool
will do the job, but I don't want to compound the problem. Have you ever
run across this or do you know who I might ask? THanks in advance for a
response--I tried to get on the google questions and answers but my filter
keeps blocking my ability to start an account--another matter entirely.

Thanks again,


Hey Sara,

:) First of all - good for you for cleaning the fingerprints! Sure, it's left you in a BIT of a bind, but I'm sure it's a problem that can still be solved.

I think before doing any more damage, I would contact customer service of the company that made the fridge. You should be able to easily find out that information by doing a search online - you can either phone or email the company. They should have a suggestion for what can be done to resurface the area that you so thoroughly cleaned!

Please let me know what they tell you, as I'm sure other Happy Slob Cleaners will want to know too!

Take care,

PS> What did your friend say when she saw the circle left behind?
P.P.S. And don't things like this make you feel REALLY humble and human? :) My new saying for when I mess up is: "This is helping to build my character!"


Anonymous said...

Use lemon pledge (or a generic version). Either will work wonders.

A professional housekeeper.

HappySlob said...

Thanks for the great tip! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Sara will respond to tell us if it WORKED (I hope so!)