Friday, January 26, 2007

Fun and Effective Decluttering Task of the Day

...or the weekend if you so choose! :)

Being a fellow happy slob, you likely understand that I'm always urging myself (and you guys) on to do decluttering or uncluttering tasks to keep your homes looking great, but not perfect. (Remember, this is our mantra: we are so not about perfection!)

Anyway, I have a simple decluttering challenge for you to undertake tonight or sometime this weekend. It literally will only take about 5-10 minutes, depending on how much you decide to spend. (Go for the ten minute challenge - and then reward yourself with a big old latte.)

The challenge IS:

  1. Set your timer for anywhere from 5-10 minutes, depending on how much time you can afford to spend. Try for 10 and you'll see real results from this mini decluttering challenge.
  2. Go nuts on your MOST cluttered area - grab anything you really don't need. I mean everything, slobbos. Do this for the entire 5-10 minute time you allotted for the task.
  3. See how many items you managed to 'rescue' from the cluttered disaster area.
  4. Next: decide what you'll do with that junk you rescued. Some helpful ideas: make a gift basket for a friend (haha, also known as cluttering up THEIR homes); or give to charity; or hold a yard sale; or list stuff for sale on eBay. Hey, there's a way to not only declutter but also to make a little money in the meantime!

How did you do? How many items did you rescue from the disaster area? It's okay if it's still a bit of a dumping ground, because we'll be doing these decluttering missions and challenges far more often - many of you have been writing to me asking for more of them, and I'm happy to oblige!

Whatever you do, DEAL with the decluttered stuff NOW. Don't let it sit and add clutter to a whole new area of your home - decide right this moment how you're going to get rid of the stuff. And yes, sometimes that is as simple as throwing it away or recycling it.

Good job, everyone! :) I'm proud of you. I have a major bit of decluttering to do this weekend, and so on Sunday I'll have something interesting to write about my own uncluttering (I never know whether to call it un-cluttering or de-cluttering...oh well, I suppose you know what I mean) adventures.

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