Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's what the Lampe Berger Looks Like...

Last week I was raving about Lampe Bergers, and with good reason. These amazing little lamps, with their catalytic burners, actually REMOVE odors and bacteria from the air. I use mine particularly when changing the cat litter - which I'm sure you can imagine - isn't exactly a spring-fresh breeze of an activity.

Here are a few of my favorite Lampe Bergers - wanted you guys to see what they look like. Aren't they gorgeous? (To remind you of the pronunciation - it's sort of like Lamp Bur-zhay. :) At least that's how I've been saying it! haha)

My favorite Lampe Berger oils to use are: Neutral (no added scent, only a nice fresh & clean smell of air is left behind), Tangerine Zests (a nice, sort of strong citrus scent), Grapefruit Passion (another lovely, very light citrus scent) and Creme Brulee - which is a delightful warm vanilla sugar type smell. YUM! I suggest diluting any scent you like with at least half of the neutral, or else you might find the scent a little too strong. :) Enjoy, you guys! If any of you have a Lampe Berger too, please do email me and tell me at

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