Monday, March 19, 2007

Can you say OUCH? Hint: It's about Teeth...

One more thing. :) I'll be out of commission for the next couple of days, as tomorrow I'm going in to the dentist for a - gasp! - root canal!

Happily, however, I'm also trying out sedation dentistry for the first time. Apparently I'll be given a powerful little pill that will make me all dopey and unaware of things. :) I rather like that idea! I'm always a little on the flakey side anyway, but just imagine what I'll be like with a happy pill dosing me from the inside out!

Hope you all keep up with your cleaning routines the best you can. Remember, tiny efforts equal gargantuan results. AND...getting your family involved in our 3 Step Solution to Cleaning means less work for you, and more happiness all around your home. Guaranteed! (Well, practically...)

Take care all, and think of me and my wonky tooth tomorrow afternoon, will you please? Me and my rebellious molar will thank you. :)

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Elsie said...

My root canal was no more "interesting" than an ordinary filling. I hope your dentist is as skilled as mine!