Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cornstarch Cleaning Tip from a Happy Slob Reader - Free Cleaning Tips

Before I go ahead and answer the question that Marlene sent in, I thought I'd give her credit for a great cleaning tip she sent to me:

She recommended using a cornstarch and water paste for cleaning glasstop ranges (stoves). :) She also has a question about cleaning stainless steel appliances, which I'm going to answer in the next post. For now, if you have a glasstop stove, give her suggestion a try! It's a very Happy-Slob kind of idea...

P.S. If you DO try this idea, please post a comment below to let us all know how it worked out.

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Anonymous said...

I am always looking for new, natural cleaning methods, so I gave this one a try...don't bother! It didn't clean my glass cooktop at all and was a pain itself to clean up. (Remember making "ooblek" as a kid? Corn starch and water paste is a very strange consistency that's hard to work with.)