Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm doing the Laundry...and hey, I'm not hating it as much as usual!

So, any of you regular readers will know that I'm not (let's go further than just italicizing it...NOT) a big fan of doing the laundry. But, I'm happy to say that with a new front loading washer machine in our building (Yes, I'm an apartment dweller...quite happily, too) it's become a whole lot easier to get the laundry done! This beautiful new washing machine does a great job at doing the wash, and even manages to use less laundry detergent, which frugal old me just loves.

What is YOUR laundry day? Do you do laundry every day? I know I hear from a lot of Moms that daily laundry is simply a necessity. Have you tried any of the family laundry tips in the book yet? What? You haven't gotten a copy of the ebook yet? :) Poor's really quite a lovely read. Look at what a few Happy Slob Housecleaners have to say about it:

Lovely Words from Slobbos 'round the world

Hey, changing how we do the laundry might not change the world. sure does contribute to family happiness! So, as always, any laundry tips are gladly accepted - I'll be happy to share your ideas with all and sundry.

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