Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cleaning Windows (and Car Windows in Particular) - Cleaning Tips

Hey everyone,

Here's a great email I received from a lovely lady named Margaret a little while ago.

"Hi Christina.... Can you please tell me what is best -- & NOT harmful -- to clean the inside of car windows. I always end up with a streaky mess when I use "Glass Plus" with paper towels. (Doesn't do too good a job on the outside either!!)
Great site..............Thanks mucho !!!!"

Well, Margaret, since you said: "Thanks mucho!" I just had to reply. :) I love quirky sayings, but hey, at least I admit it!

A fantastic new product that I think is the BOMB when it comes to cleaning windows (both home windows and auto windows) is the e-Cloth. We just got these in at the kitchen shop where I work, and they're specifically made for cleaning windows. What makes it especially loveable? You need NO extra chemicals! These wonderful little soft cloths are micro fiber cloths, and so just a spritzing of water and you're good to go.

Unlike regular cleaning cloths, I find that these e-Cloths leave absolutely NO lint, and they leave the windows clean and sparkling. They're also a handy little size, so pick up a few and store at least one in your car's dashboard for emergency cleaning sessions on the go. And, with no cleaning chemicals to tote around, it's really perfect for in the car.

Let me know how this works for you, Margaret! :) I really hope I was able to help solve your cleaning dilemma.

Take care,

Christina - the ORIGINAL Happy Slob Housecleaner

P.S. Do YOU have a cleaning dilemma you'd like me to solve? I'll give it a go! Just email me your questions to and I'll answer back as quickly as I can. :)

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