Friday, June 02, 2006

Daily Reminders: Do a Cleaning Burst!

Here's a friendly Daily Reminder for Happy Slobs from a Happy Slob. :) Turn on that music, grab your handy dandy cleaning kit, and set your timer for the amount of time you can afford to spend. (No, 30 seconds ISN'T quite enough.)

Remember to clean your High Impact Areas first - those areas that people (including you) see the most often. Remember - a cleaning burst is a quick fast burst of cleaning, nothing too in-depth or thorough at this point. But, you'll find that all these cleaning bursts really add up to a much cleaner home. And, you'll therefore feel less stressed about cleaning in general.

Aim for one cleaning burst a day - in the morning - and then work your way up to 2. If you live in a small apartment (I live in one too) then you might get along just fine with only one cleaning burst a day.

Get to it, slobbos! Me too - I've been away on vacation, and the cats apparently didn't clean up while I was gone like they had agreed. (Sigh.) Ooops...I'm turning into a lady that not only talks to her cats, but expects them to reply!

Cleaning goodies all the time at
Free for the taking! (As long as you're a happy slob, that is...)


Elsie said...

Well, it was gonna be only a cleaning burst, but I ended up cleaning the sinks, countertop, toilet, AND shower on Friday. So, I guess I did a Focus Room instead. :-)

Hey, does emptying the dishwasher count as a cleaning burst?

I think I'll go sweep something now...

stampindoc said...

My cleaning burst of the day comprised of getting several large bags of clothing inventoried, packed, and donated to the church for our homeless ministry. My living room looks better and the clothing will be distributed at our monthly clothing give-away next weekend.

Michael Oksa said...

What a great idea! My wife and I are hosting a double graduation party at our home. We have 5 days to clean it (we have a lot to do), and I'm still not sure if we will get it done. Happy to have found you, Thanks.

stampindoc said...

My burst today was packing up a box of dormitory furnishings that my DD won't need until she returns to college in late august.