Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A New Way to Clean Soap Scum know that icky mucky mess that coats the tub and shower and just makes everything look matte and UN-clean. Soap scum! Here's a new (and ironic, if you ask me) way to try cleaning the gunky goop off...

In a clean spray bottle, pour in a few capfuls of plain shampoo. (Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Any cheapo brand will work nicely here. I also use cheapo shampoo sometimes as a frugal bubble bath! Oops, should I have admitted that??) Top up the bottle with plain old tap water and give it a gentle shake. Spray wherever you have soap scum and let sit for a few minutes before wiping off with a moistened cloth.

This really works! :) You can keep a bottle in the tub/shower and use this whenever you're showering - just spray it on and let the steam action of the shower help make it easier to clean... is where Happy Slobs around the world meet for cleaning tips!

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