Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tammi's Microwave Cleaning Tip: Kitchen Cleaning Hints and Tips

Here's an email from Tammi. :) Awww shucks, I love being called the Queen Slob. hehehe

Dearest Queen Slob:) lol

Doesn't the microwave get totally disgusting??
Use a medium sized microwave safe bowl (preferrably plastic-so you don't burn your fingers), fill it with at least 2 cups of tap water, microwave on high for at least 5 minutes, may need longer depending on your microwave-but the water doesn't have to be boiling. Leave the bowl of water in the microwave for at least 1 hour WITHOUT opening the microwave door. The steam will soften all that icky stuff and it will wipe right off with some paper towels. Now there's a cheap cleaner:)

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