Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some natural house cleaning products YOU need

You guys know I LOVE to use natural cleaning stuff around the house. Here are a few of the most essential elements to keep in YOUR cleaning kit. (Don't have a cleaning kit yet? Make one up today with stuff around the house - go to for instructions on how to do it.)

  • Baking soda - can be used in so many ways! As a scrubby cleanser to replace other cleaners like Comet or Ajax. It's a great deodorizer too - I use it all the time in the cat litter box. You can even dilute it in a bit of water and add a few drops of delicious smelling essential oils (if you want to) and make an odor neutralizing spray for the bathroom. Give it a good shake before each use.
  • Vinegar - is the other powerhouse when it comes to natural cleaning. Use it to descale and clean coffee pots or clogged up showerheads. Use it diluted (about 1 part to 4 or 5 parts water) as an all-purpose household cleaning spray. Vinegar is a strong natural cleaner and is also great for cleaning carpet stains, or as an alternative fabric softener in the wash. (You can use it right in those little blue Downy balls - makes it very easy.)
  • Borax - is one of my favorite little secrets for getting the tub and shower clean. It even gets rid of the nasty hard water gunk that we have here in Calgary. Also great in all sorts of natural cleaning formulas.
  • Essential oils - such as tea tree oil (great disinfectant) and lavender oil (YUMMY smelling and another disinfectant) plus citrus oils such as orange and lemon are handy to have around.

Have any tips to share? Send them in to me at christina @ or just post a message here and I'll read it! - the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning

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