Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Funny Housecleaning Sweepstakes by Greased Lightning

Lorrie, a Happy Slob, sent this in to me, thinking that some of us might want to enter to hopefully win some maid service! hehehe Sounds good to me!

Greased Lightning WANTS TO HEAR YOUR Filthy Confessions!

National Online Sweepstakes Can Mean Big Prizes for Your Big Messes

Lawrenceville, GA (June 14, 2006) - People across the nation are logging on to the hot new site They’re not only dishing out their own dirt, but digging up other people’s dirt too. It’s all part of a twelve-week national sweepstakes from the multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser, Greased Lightning. Each week one lucky winner will receive free maid service and the Grand Prize winner will receive a Travel Vacation.

“Filthy Confessions” takes you on a confession adventure, revealing your deepest, dirtiest secrets. You can finally tell the world about the mess you left at your mother in-law’s and blamed on her sleepwalking sister. Or, come clean about the time you ruined a date’s jacket and bribed a busboy to take the fall. Once the weight of the confession is off your shoulders, Greased Lightning takes care of the rest cleaning grease, grime and mildew, where other cleaners can’t.

“We wanted to do something fun that would let people really get involved,” says Melissa Hickman, Brand Manager of Greased Lightning. “Filthy Confessions allows people to confess to messes they’ve made in a humorous way.”

Posting a “Filthy Confession” online also gives you the option to enter into a twelve week sweepstakes, where each week someone wins a free “Merry Maid” service worth $100. The grand prize winner will receive a Travel Vacation for two people worth $3,000.

Greased Lightning Multipurpose
The Original Greased Lightning Multipurpose Cleaner and Degreaser is an amazing product from HomeCare Labs that will help consumers conquer even the toughest stains and can be used throughout their homes. This concentrated cleaner is time-tested for superior cleaning and stain-fighting power. Greased Lightning works well on tubs, showers, sinks, fiberglass and tile in the bathroom. In the kitchen, it will effectively clean stove vents, ovens, refrigerators and microwaves. It can be used as a laundry pre-treat for tough stains including grease, grass and ink. It will remove soap scum, mildew stains, mud stains, pet stains, make-up, blood, wine and food stains.

For more information and to enter the sweepstakes log on to or or mail self addressed stamped envelope to 1878 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14610.

Media contact: Jennifer Jones 404-720-8149

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