Sunday, July 02, 2006

Removing Tough Carpet Stains

Stain removal is a way of life for us Happy Slobs because we can be a LITTLE clumsy. :) And, of course when you add pets or Mini Slobbos (children) the carpet stain removal techniques come in to play a lot more often.

Here are a few tips for nasty carpet stains that drive us all CRAZY!

  1. Ammonia is great at getting out some of the nastiest stains such as coffee, chocolate or even blood stains. BUT...remember that it is like bleach and can only be used on fibers that are manmade, such as nylon. To test - dab a little bit in an inconspicuous area to see if it bleaches the area. And, this obviously works best on carpets that are a lighter color to begin with.
  2. Candle wax seems impossible to budge once it's gotten on the carpets! But, I have a trick to share with you. Use a piece of brown paper bag over top of the candle wax, and then press with a warm (not hot!) iron and the brown paper bag will absorb the wax and make your carpets look fresh again.
  3. Ivory soap - is an amazing little carpet cleaner in bar form! Dab up as much of a fresh stain as you can (if the stain is, in fact, fresh) and then spray some cool water on the stain (never use hot water when removing carpet stains - it can actually make the stain set permanently.) Use an old moistened toothbrush that you've lathered up with the Ivory soap and gently work that stain away. To finish, spray with more cool water and dab up the stain with paper towels or clean towels.

And finally - that carpet of yours will really appreciate a good old steam cleaning once a year or so, twice if it's particularly soiled. The above tips are to clean spots and stains, not the carpets overall. :) You can use your own steam cleaner or hire a pro once a year, if you just can't be bothered.

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Michael said...

For the candle wax in the carpet, prior to taxing it up with the iron and paper bag, try to remove as possible first. Do that by putting ice into a plastic bag and hold the ice against the wax. Once it is nice and cold, break up as much of the wax as possible, vacuum, them use the iron to absorb the much less quantity.