Thursday, July 20, 2006

The 11th Use for Old Newspapers

Vince, a fellow Happy Slob, sent in an 11th use for old newspapers. The other ten are at: 10 Uses for Old Newspapers

Now, here's Vince's suggestion:

Hi !
After reading ten tips on using newspapers, i have another on:
"Put a newspaper on the bottom of the trashcan, under the plastic
bag, to stay free of smells and soak up any liquid which always seems
to be there, stinking.
If you use a separate one for green trash without plastic bags,
putting a newspaper on the bottom means you don't have to wash out
the mould every time you empty it."


stampindoc said...

My DD does lots of craft projects and uses a spray adhesive for many larger paper projects. A newspaper is the perfect thing to cover the work surface as it is large enough to catch the overspray and prevent the permanent adhesive from ruining surfaces.

Elsie said...

Hey, cool! Definitely need to try this trick in the compost bowl. No more scraping the bowl at the pile; just pull up the corners of the newspaper, dump, and go.

Thanks for the tip!