Monday, April 24, 2006

Are you guys up for another DECLUTTERING challenge?

:) I know I sure need a good bout of decluttering. That first time round, stampindoc was about the only one who really stuck to the challenge (as far as I know.)

So, how about it slobbos ? Are we ready for the next great DECLUTTERING CHALLENGE? If so, post a comment and we'll get all hyped up and set to start! Do we need some sort of incentive to really get us going? Tell me what you think!



stampindoc said...

This time I will be working on my bedroom closets. I am certainly up for this. The reward will for me will be to be able to hang up all of my new clothes (and never have to look at some of the not-so-great things that need to go to the goodwill).

stampindoc said...

Last night, I made the decision to get rid of 30 things from my closets/drawers in 15 minutes. Our church is going to be distributing clothing to the homeless in mid-May, so I wanted to be sure to contribute. Set my timer for 15 minutes and at the end had managed to find 30 items.

Today, I will type up a list of the items to file with the receipt that the church will give me (for tax purposes). I will take the items to church with me on Sunday (not leave them in a pile on the floor at home).

Elsie said...

I could use some incentive to tackle our "formal" dining room, which has been unusable for far too long...

stampindoc said...

elsie.... Just DO it!!!!!!! Even 5 little minutes of concentrated effort makes a HUGE difference. Plan to do 5 minutes every hour that you are home. That could add up to a significan chunk of time over the weekend. I did that in March and April and ended up cleaning and organizing an entire office/craft room full o' stuff. It wasn't easy, but it is DONE. I'm doing the same now with my bed room. I don't beat myself up on the busy days when I do nothing, but really praise myself on the days when I rack up an hour of cleaning bursts.

HappySlob said...

:) I couldn't have said it better myself, doc!

Elsie & all - on Monday I'll get our new week started with a bang by 'officially' starting the new decluttering challenge. But stampindoc is absolutely right -- just do a bit here and there. Use your timer and DON'T beat yourself up over those days when life is just too crazy to clean. :) All that effort that you waste on feeling guilty and awful could be used another time to declutter or tidy some stuff up.

Doc is also right when she says that lots of small efforts really DO add up. Her goal of 5 minutes an hour is a very reasonable one that REALLY adds up quickly.

Big hugs to you,