Saturday, April 22, 2006

How often do YOU vaccuum?

Yep, it's one of those scary personal questions! How often do YOU vaccuum?

:) And, how often do we need to vaccuum? You know, I think once a week is perfectly okay. I have two cats, so I often do a little touch up here and there in between. But let's keep the Happy Slob motto in mind: "Lots of little efforts equals great results!" and "We are SO NOT about perfection."

This is one of those household cleaning chores that you can oh so generously present to another family member or a roommate. If ALL they have to do is a bit of tidying once in a while, and they are appointed Ms. or Mr. Vacuuming Professional -- that's not really too much to ask for is it?

While we're talking about delegating tasks -- just remember not to nag. Nagging doesn't make YOU feel better, doesn't make the listener feel great, and it doesn't accomplish much. But, when your huband/kids/roomie does a fabulous job cleaning, make a big deal about that! Offer rewards, praise - all sorts of lovely things so that they want to repeat that action. Positive feedback like this is what works - not being an old nag. :)


Elsie said...

Once a week? Now this is the kind of thing I need to hear.

Every homemaker who has ever mentioned the vacuum to me uses it EVERY DAY. That's overkill! I've always known that I couldn't/wouldn't follow their lead, but I couldn't figure out a more reasonable time frame on my own. So, thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

I only vacuum once a's just the two of us and we have no pets. It's a little dirty before I get to it each week but nothing that would makes me really ashamed if people drop in. If I know someone is coming over, sometimes I get out the vac and go over the worst places, but not always.

HappySlob said...

:) I've been noticing, though, that with the warmer weather my cats are shedding a bit more and so I might get out the vacuum a LITTLE more often than before...but still nothing major.

Elsie -- everyday is nuts! lol I would never vaccuum every day. You couldn't pay me enough. Those people aren't happy slobs, huh? hehe