Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cleaning Floors Hints: Easiest Touch Ups for Floors

I discovered an unusual and really EASY new way to touch up spots on the floor that have gotten messy in between mopping. (Which my awesome husband usually does! hehe) If you have a small floor, this might work easiest to clean the entire floor, period.

At the dollar store I purchased some of those new static cleaning gloves. I think it's Swiffer that put out the brand name product, but I got mine at the dollar store for (you guessed it!) $1! They don't have any chemicals or anything on them - they're basically just light cotton cleaning gloves used for dusting.

What I tried was drenching the glove with my Very Vinegar cleaning spray, and then popping it on my hand and scrubbing at the messy bits of the floor.

Because the glove fits so easily on your hand, it seems that the job is a lot faster! You could also do this with an old pair of regular mittens or gloves and then just wash them after you've used them. :) Put one on both hands and you can really clean that floor fast! This is another one of those FUN CLEANING hints for kids -- they'll have a ball doing this...

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bsimm2 said...

and better than the gloves i use a pair of my husbands old sweat socks,then i dont have to bend over! just a spritz on the bottoms and skate around the room works for dusting corners of the floors and baseboards too!

bsimm2 said...

and better than the gloves i use a pair of my husbands old sweat socks, just a spritz of cleaner on the soles and skate around the room! toes are great for getting in the corners and the baseboards too and you dont have to get on your knees for anybody!