Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bargains, Bargains and more Bargains

Did I mention bargains? :) Oh yes, I believe I did. You guys should know by now how much I LOOOOOOOVE a great deal. It's in my blood - my parents are to blame, if the truth be told.

Anyhow, over on my Happy Slob's Bargains Blog today I have some really exceptional accessories bargains for you to behold. Such as: great handbags and retro messenger bags (I love those - they carry all my slobbo stuff with ease) and a big old pair of sunglasses for any of you fashionable slobbos out there.

Okay, off you go to check out the bargains. :)
Hugs to you,

P.S. One more thing -- if you love chocolate and coffee as much as I do, please drop by my OTHER blog: for an amazing Coffee Bean Chocolate Truffle Recipe . I can seriously barely type that without drooling all over the keyboard! They are rich and uber decadent -- you'll love them!


Kalyn said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. Fun to see all your blogs. You really are writing about a wide variety of subjects.

Fran said...

Hello--Thanks for dropping by. Am enjoying reading all of your posts.

Candle Goddess Kitt said...

Happy Slob! If you keep sending me to all these great blog links of yours, how will my toilet ever get cleaned?

Thanks for the fun distractions! :)

Ashley said...

Hello, Christina, I saw you commented on one of Elizabeth's blogs and I thought I would check one of yours out. You have so many, YOu must be a busy little bee. I like you blog. Great tips on here. Keep up the good work :)