Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wacky Bath and Tile Cleaner

I love finding alternate uses for stuff we use everyday, and one of my favorites is to use BUBBLE BATH or BODY WASH as a bathroom cleaner! You can use whatever scent you love, and this stuff is a great, mild cleaner for the bath and shower, and really gets tiles clean too.

I found a great little scrub brush contraption at the dollar store that has a little holding tank for cleaner - so I fill it up with lavender bubble bath (no laughing! lol Oh, okay I laughed at it too...) and use that to scrub the tub and tiles. :) Works great, smells dreamy, and is milder than harsh chemical cleaners. Give it a try!

Cleaning Recipes Galore for when you want to make it yourself instead of buying it!

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