Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Finally...The Great Decluttering Challenge ENDS

How did YOU do? The Great Decluttering Challenge ended officially yesterday, but hopefully it was a heads-up and a great lesson in decluttering that you can do ALL the time.

Did you accomplish what you had hoped to? If not - pshaw! (That's me sounding completely unconcerned.) Just try again this week - set aside a little time everyday to work on those areas of your home that just AGGRAVATE you with the piles of clutter and junk that have accumulated.

To all of you - bravo for your awesome attempts. Please post any comments; as always I'd love to hear how you did.

Hugs to you,

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Anonymous said...

I was being driven nuts by my room -the spiral of chaos had been in there long enough so I couldn't find or do just about anything in it before. I cleared the top and inside of the bookcase by my bed -which I use as a sort of launchpad for many things... and now I actually feel organised! I also CLEAREd the spare bed... There's a mountain at the other end, but now I feel I've gotten SOME control, some sort of a handle on things!
thanks! :P