Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Great Decluttering Challenge Begins - Are YOU Ready?

Dear slobbo pals,

Okay, this new decluttering challenge is one where I want as many Happy Slob cleaners as possible to get involved! I want to hear your stories, your challenges, and definitely - your success stories when all is said and done.

I want you to choose an area that you will successfully DECLUTTER in one week. Starting today, Friday August 18, 2006. Meaning that one week from today, I want you to email me or come and post on the blog what you have gotten accomplished.

What area should you choose?
This is entirely up to you. :) I can't see into your homes - BUT - you and your family and friends sure can. And I'll bet that right now a room, closet or storage area has already popped into your head and you just KNOW that there's one spot in your home that needs attention the most. Choose an area that is seen the most, and that will have the greatest impace once it's been successfully decluttered.

Every Day on This Blog...
I'll do my part by posting tips and hints and motivational quips here on the blog. Feel free to post as many comments as you like! The more we all get involved and encourage one another, the more likely we'll get this thing done. :) And then we can be terribly proud of our accomplishments.

Today's Decluttering Challenge Du Jour...
Is quite simple really:

  1. Choose the Decluttering ZONE YOU will be working on
  2. Set out bags or boxes for the following categories: KEEP, GIVE AWAY, RECYCLE, TRASH IT
  3. Set the timer for 15 minutes and begin working. (If you have more time to spend, definitely set that timer for longer!)
  4. Stay focused - keep on the task at hand. :) Make every minute of your decluttering count. In the end, you'll see great results if you do.





stampindoc said...

DD leaves for college on Saturday. Boo Hoo. But that will give me more free time to devote to the Great Decluttering Challenge. I am going to declutter my patio. It is quite cluttered and not at all pretty. I've had stuff piled up there and I'm pretty sure some stuff has been there for years.

So that will be my big project for the upcoming week.

HappySlob said...

Hey - it's my favorite Declutterin' Doc! :) I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter is leaving for college on Saturday - that must be a huge emotional drain. But I am glad to have you onboard again for the next installment of our Decluttering Challenge.

I'm going to work on my husband's closet - it's a disaster!

Hugs to you,

Libby said...

Realtively new recovering slob. For my challenge I am taking on my bedroom. Since I have a small duplex, my DD and I share storage in my bedroom. It is not so attractive. Glad to have the challenge because I was just saying to myself that this is the weekend I will begin throwing stuff out of that room so I can rest easy for the winter.

Elsie said...

The dining room is my big disaster. I've been decluttering off and on in there (maybe every other day for just a few minutes), and I've found stuff from literally 4 years ago!

But, for this challenge, I choose the kitchen since we actually use this room (obviously, we don't use the dining room at all!). A change in there would be far more noticeable for the family and therefore would come closer to "instant" gratification for me.

I leave for work in a few minutes, so I'll start on this challenge tomorrow (Saturday).

Good luck to all!

HappySlob said...

Libby - nicely done! :) Glad to have you on board.

Elsie - nice to see you again! Let us know how you progress through the week. I'll be sure to post every day to keep us all motivated.

Anonymous said...

I'm choosing my kitchen, in hopes that a clean kitchen will help to simplify my life (or at least allow me to sleep occasionally).

michelle said...

Since our house is on the market, i've pretty much decluttered everything except the closets. i will start with the hall closet, then the living room coat closet, then my son's closet, and then on to my closet, i will leave my husband's closet alone, he can deal with that one :) maybe one a day will do some good. my 3 year old started pre-k this past week so i can get a whole lot more done. well, while my 6 month old is sleeping i suppose.

Frugal Work at home mom said...

I am in!

I need to do some major decluttering. The kids toys are multiplying and my closets look a mess.

Stampindoc said...

Today is Sunday. Brittany is safe in her dorm and adapting to her new digs. My sis and her family and I will be going to church together this morning and then out to lunch. And THEN, I will work for 4 15-minute segements on my patio. I will be wearing work gloves... there black widow spiders in our area and I've killed a couple on the patio earlier this summer. So I will exercise extreme caution when pulling things out of cabinets.

I have to just buckle down and throw away stuff. It is really hard for me to toss anything, so I need to get tough.