Saturday, August 26, 2006

Make Your Own Knitted Swiffer Cleaning Cloths

Oops, I'd meant to post this AGES ago, but I saw it in my inbox and remembered. Today is the day to share this amazing pattern for Homemade Swiffer Cleaning Cloths/Covers with you.

Kansas is the brilliant Slobbo who created this simple project on her blog. :) Please do check it out and save a few Swiffer cloths from an early and unnecessary death. Hey - and think what great gifts these would make!

Oh, and yes Kansas is also a Happy Slob Cleaner, she wrote this to me in her email: " I purchased your book quite sometime ago and refer to it often. My house is slowly coming together and is getting organized too!
Keep up the great work and I hope you reach your selling goal!!"

Thanks so much Kansas - especially for sharing such a great project with all of us. This is SUCH a Happy Slob sort of project to try. :)


Stampindoc said...

I love the knitted swiffer substitute. I do not knit or crochet. Do you know if the person who makes them is willing to sell???

Let me know.

Pat said...

I cannot get the link to open! I love to knit and could do these while trying not to look like a couch potato. Is anyone else having a problem getting it to open, or is it just my machine?


HappySlob said...

Hey Pat - it's working for me. :) Try again, and let me know if you managed to get it.


HappySlob said...

Actually, it's NOT opening for me now either. :) Here's the link to her blog: and it's listed on the main page

marilyn christine said...

so far the link will not open for the swiffer pad even though I went to her blogger page- the other pattern links open but not the swiffer- just comes up as a blank page- guess I will have to think one out on my own- LOL- blessings and thanks anyway- huggles me,

marilyn christine said...

the pattern did come up today--however last night I did crochet one- similar to a crocheted dishcloth with the cotton(same as she used) - just made it the size of the swiffer with an over lap so it can be poked into the holes- seems to work fine-I used single crochet and just went into the front loop- it seems to be working fine- I like it for the bathroom- (this is the dry swiffing) hope u understand me- you could knit one too if you know how to do the simple dishclothes and just make it to fit the size of your swiffer- I will let you know how well this works- remind me- LOL- huggles me