Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Humane Way to Deter Mice

"JMZ" sent me this wonderful email - a humane way to deter mice from your home:

I found out from someone else, that using baking soda will deter mice. I heard about this over a year ago. We had mice coming in thru my daughters closet, (found a dead mouse in front of her closet 1 day). I set traps in there, and my husband sealed off all the holes he found that they may be coming in thru, and we were still getting mice. Since sprinkling baking soda in her closet we have not had any mice, or signs of mice in her room. Great for daughter and I since we are both terrified of mice. This is the cheapest, non-toxic, humane, most effective way to keep mice out of our home.

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