Sunday, August 27, 2006

Do We Really Need an Automatic Shower Cleaner?

I don't. :) You don't either - unless you really LOOOOOVE gadgets, in which case go crazy and get an Automatic Shower Cleaner.

For the rest of us, about 2 minutes a day (or less) during our daily shower can get and keep our shower and tub sparkling clean.

Here's my favorite tip on how to keep the shower clean, directly from my book: The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning. If you don't have your own copy yet, drop by and pick up a copy. :) Your family & home will thank you.

"Every time I shower, I have about 2 minutes or so while my conditioner is doing its work. Two minutes of time that can go towards shining up the surfaces all around me. A few minutes before I'm ready to jump into the shower, I turn the shower on and spray the shower and tub down with our Very Vinegar Cleaner...Let the steam work for a couple of minutes before jumping in.

I have my shower as usual, then, while my conditioner is working, I take a special CLEANING-ONLY scrubby sponge tucked away for that purpose in my shower, and dab a bit of shampoo or bubble bath onto it. I scrub the upper part of the shower/tub one day, and the lower part the next day. The combination of the vinegar spray and the shampoo or bubble bath (which also smells fab, by the way) works wonders!"

See, who needs special gadgets when we can take a few moments and do the job ourselves? :)

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