Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's Sunday...and WE're a Bunch of Decluttering Fools

You got it - it's Day 3 of Our Decluttering Challenge. So - how is your decluttering going so far? Have you gotten as far as you'd hoped? Have you set aside 15 minutes or more every day to get that nasty DECLUTTERING ZONE free of junk and clutter?

If not - you still have time to join in! As soon as you've finished reading this message, go put on your trusty timer for 15 minutes (more if you can) and then get to work! You still have until this Friday to get your DECLUTTERING ZONE looking fabulous.

Or...if you HAVE been faithfully decluttering bit-by-bit over the past couple of days - I for one am very proud of you! BE sure to post and tell us how it's going. :)



Stampindoc said...

I did my happy decluttering today on my patio. Tossed a giant bag of stuff into the dumpster. Put a few things into the storage shed where they belonged. Found season one of That 70's Show (DD looked for that for weeks this summer). Found about $8.00 in loose change (now in my change jar). Killed 2 nasty spiders. Watered my plants. A very productive afternoon. More tomorrow!!!

Elsie said...

Today was Day One for me. Saturday got over-busy, and I forgot.

Today was the bit of countertop where the nuker and toaster reside. Weeded through a pile of coupons and other papers. Pulled out all the Box Tops for Education that we'd accumulated over the summer and got them ready to send to school tomorrow. Dealt with the various small toys, crayons, and markers that the children deposited. There went 15 minutes.

Removing all the junk revealed an area that hadn't been cleaned in who knows how long. I spent way more time than planned on this spot, but DH noticed right away--so it was worth it.

By the way, does anyone know how to get a toaster sparkling clean? Since it sits right next to the stove, it has gotten fry-splattered...and now I can't get the grease off.

marilyn christine said...

I did get some done yesterday and soon will be off to do some today- getting a bag ready for my garbage man tomorrow- got to keep him working which reminds me if you can do this run out and give your garbage man a can of pop, or something just to cheer his day. He works hard taking away our clutter and deserves a cheerio now and then- huggles me

Elsie said...

Monday--did the top of the kitchen table. Since I sit there three times a day, lots of papers, reading materials, catalogs, etc. pile up. Found some raffle tickets that are due back on 8/30.

Spent just 20 minutes on this, including the time needed to fill out the raffle tickets and get them ready for tomorrow's mail pickup.