Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Removing Wax from Votive Candleholders

An oldie but a goodie - this fantastic page on our website teaches you 2 ways to remove wax from votive holders. Great for candle junkies like myself. :) Hey, it adds atmosphere and helps hide dirt!

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Mattie said...

This is hardly about removing candle wax but there wasn't a section to cover this.

If your pet gets hit by a skunk, don't panic. Oxygen removes the odor and you can find it in most of the new cleaners "Oxy" something or other.

It will most likely be the dog that gets hit but the directions are the same for all animals - bath tub or sink, one smelly animal and a bottle of cleaner. Diluted for cats. Give them a good lathering and a good rinse. All done. Also good for whichever bed/chair etc. the dog was hiding in when you finally caught him.

Peroxide, baking soda recipes are available on the Internet but you can bet your boots the spraying occurs when the stores are closed.