Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dishwasher Cleaning - from the Inside Out

I know you're sitting there sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee, pondering one of the greatest mysteries of life: "Why isn't my dishwasher CLEANING like it used to?"

Oh come on, just go with me on this one! :) Did you ever think that perhaps that gunky machine needs to be cleaned from the inside out? That is specifically what needs to be done, and I have two fantastic tips on how to get that machine cleaned out from the inside -- all over on the website at Dishwasher Cleaning. Pop over immediately, and set your minds to ease!

PS> Honestly, these really do work. And hey, we Slobbos tend to rely an AWFUL lot on our dishwashers, so we should treat them with a wee bit of respect...

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marilyn christine said...

this is what I do- put a tablespoon of tang in the first soap dish everytime I wash- and no soap- it takes the grease off and the soap in the second dish is enough- I buy the big can of tang on sale so not too expensive and as u cut the soap u save back- often we use to much soap-( read the box directions) and now that they have the tablets which iffound on sale are a good value- using the tang every time keeps my dishwasher up to snuff and saves me running an empty load- water and power saved- just a thought- try it and see if your dishwasher agrees- huggles me