Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Look What I Found For You - Some Cleaning Kit Essentials

So, as I mentioned in the previous entry, I have family coming to visit today. Therefore, keeping me from posting as often as I'd like here on the blog. Sigh, and woe is me. :(

BUT -- to keep you merrily cleaning along, I'd like to share with you some fabulous goodies to stock the coolest of cool Happy Slob Cleaning Kits. :) Remember, a well stocked Cleaning Kit is a Happy Slob's lifesaver when it comes to cleaning. It saves you your valuable time and energy. Trust me - once you use one, you'll never go back to cleaning without it.

Drum roll please...Or you can just bang your mop on the floor if you prefer...

Cleaning Kit Essential #1 -- Good Scrubby Sponges
These dear little cleaners make our cleaning far easier - these ones, which I happen to love - have one side with a scrubby bit and one side with a spongy bit. Oh right, I suppose that's why they're called Scrubby Sponges in the first place...Anyway, you'll need a few of these. AKA Scrubbies. By the way - LOOFAH SPONGES also make fabulous cleaners - and did you know that they're grown by seed, not in the sea?

This pack comes with 24 total sponges -- lots of cleaning power here!

Cleaning Kit Essential #2 -- Good Natural Liquid Soap
Good old liquid soap just doesn't get the credit it deserves. Oftentimes when a stain or cleaning job eludes you, some fabulous natural liquid soap/detergent will do the job better than anything else! This is a must have for your cleaning kit. :) I like this kind, because of the natural citrus oils that help to make cleaning a cinch too.

Cleaning Kit Essential #3 -- A Cute Container
I know, I know, I KNOW! This is vain and ridiculous, and it shouldn't REALLY matter what container we use at all. :) In theory, it doesn't. But, when you're hard at work getting your home presentable, it CAN be a pick-me-up to have your cleaning kit in a cute container that inspires you to cleaning greatness.

I can't find any appropriately cute containers to show you. :) So, if you find one - OR - if YOU have a great cleaning kit set-up, send a pic of it to me at christina @ happyslob.com and I'll post it for all and sundry to see!

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