Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A great thought from Alexis - 'Dust Bunnies Don't Bite'

A cute email from Alexis that I just had to share!
Hey Alexis - your 'dust bunnies don't bite' quote is a classic! :)
We slobbos tend to love natural cleaning stuff, but thanks for sharing the Lysol tip too!

I just found your "Happy Slob" website. I like it.
I am a total slob, hate housework and avoid
anything to do with it if at all possible.
(The way I look at it, dust bunnies don't bite,
don't eat much and make better pets than
their four-footed namesakes)

Yes, on to the point. I found that "Lysol" brand
spray also kills mold and prevents it from coming
back. (Also makes room smell good)

Hope this can be of some use to you.

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