Monday, January 09, 2006

Changing the kitty litter...

Got your attention, did I?

Now, let's be perfectly honest...if, like me, you're a cat owner, you know the 'joy' of kitty litter box changing. Oh glory, oh glamour...yeah, something like that.

Here are a few tips to make this nasty (yet unavoidable) little task a bit easier:

  1. Do it daily. Much easier to cope with when it's not so, urm, full of goop. Goop=poop, as you're likely well aware.
  2. Use clumping litter. Yep, it's a cat owner's best friend, that lovely clumping litter! Makes litter box changing a breeze.
  3. Baking soda, baby! If you read the Happy Slob newsletter, you know how much I LOOOOVE baking soda for all things cleaning. But it also works like powdery little sponges that soak up the nasty funk. Just a bit of a sprinkle after the litter is clean will help absorb odors.
  4. Sweep around the box. My kitties, at least (I have 2) seem to think that if there's a little spilt litter around the box that it's suddenly a green light for them to do their business wherever there's a little grit on the floor! Sweep around the box often to remind them that nope, their stuff is only to be deposited IN the box, not in the entire vicinity.

Have more tips to share? Please do! Or, if you have a brand preference of cat litter, etc, etc. Share your secrets...

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Amani said...

The cat litter that I LOVE, that has changed my view about scooping the box is aptly named 'World's Best Cat Litter'. It clumps divinely, is less dusty than any of the others on the market, lasts twice as long as Tidy Cats or any other I've tried, and is made from CORN, so it smells a little sweet! It's pricier than other brands, but since it lasts more, it's actually cheaper if you break it down like that. I LOVE IT!