Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Feather Duster is Your Best Friend

I love feather dusters.

So it's true - I like to turn mine into a funny - albeit unwilling - dance partner while I boogie to the music I turn on while doing my housecleaning. It's like a really short, really skinny person with some outrageous hair (reminds me of myself on a bad hair day! ha!)

But a feather duster is more than just a funny toy to prance around with - it's a great way to get rid of that horrible, never ending dust that accumulates everywhere.

I saw in the dollar store the other day that you can get little dusters - great for kids! Kids will LOVE dusting if you give them a groovy little duster of their own to use!

And remember - just as it's not important that YOUR cleaning efforts are perfect, remember that THEIR efforts should be shown appreciation too. Don't nag at them and argue about technique - as long as they're trying to help, that's what really matters. And they'll learn as they go along... As long as everyone is TRYING to pitch in with the household chores then hey - you've won already! :) So, grab that handy duster and dust a little, dance a little - and so on. See - cleaning is not all that serious after all.

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