Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Clean that Nasty Microwave (hint: involves a little lemon & a lot of steam)

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So, I just finished doing a cleaning burst (whew! man, that's like a workout sometimes...) and while cleaning the kitchen a bit I decided THIS was the hint of the day:

Microwave Cleaning
Cleaning the microwave SEEMS really intimidating and downright nasty sometimes. All that splattered food and it's a funky, gunky disaster area to deal with. Right? Sure, but you have a powerful cleaner right now in your own kitchen. Ready for this? It's free and available right now...

Water! Good old tap water. Not glamorous, I realize, but still - when good old H2O gets hot and steamy, it is one serious cleaner. I fill a microwave-safe mug with some water and for good measure I chuck in a healthy slice of fresh LEMON if I happen to have any. Totally optional, of course, but it adds a nice dose of grease cutting action. (Hey, I sound like a dishwashing liquid commercial. Neato.) And, it doesn't hurt that it smells like lemonade, right?

Let the water come to a boil in the microwave by setting it on HIGH for 3-4 minutes. BE CAREFUL, PLEASE. I'VE HEARD SOME HORROR STORIES ABOUT LIQUIDS GETTING TOO HOT IN THE MICROWAVE & BURNING PEOPLE BADLY. I WANT ALL YOU LOVELY readers to stay good and safe, so please use caution.

Now, let the cup sit in there WITHOUT OPENING THE MICROWAVE for at least 15 minutes. That gives the steam that's accumulated LOTS of time to do it's work for you. Then, take a cloth or sponge to the mess, and you'll find that - whish whoosh - it just wipes away. The trick is to let that steam carry on with it's business without opening the microwave too quickly. :)

Lovely! Your family will be shocked when they see a shining microwave...bravo to you!


Anonymous said...

that is how i clean my microwave too, been doing it for years, it does work and soooo easy !!

Rona's Home Page said...

I love cleaning my microwave. Our neighbor shares her lemons with us. I pop a few slices into a bowl of water and put it into the microwave. It smells clean and I can use the water to wipe out the oven.

Linda said...

I use the hot water technique but I also use about a TSP of baking soda. I will have to try the lemons. This works so well. I first tried it several years ago in a work lunchroom micro. We all know how yucky those can be. (I then left a note: "Contrary to what you believe, your mother does not work here. Please clean up after yourself".)